January 2017 Operators
Standing Row: Drake Collison; Randy Shoemaker; Rick Schreiber; Jim Larson; ;John Fulwider; Bryan Bjornstad
Kneeling Row: Wes Kindle; Joshua Moody; Bobbie Durham; Nathan Hovde; Harold Larson

Rick Schreiber

Rick was raised in Miles City, Montana. He started fighting fire back in 1997 with the Custer County Rural Fire District in Miles City. He moved to Boise, Idaho where he worked for Ada County and assisted Boise City Fire with the training of wildland crews. Rick joined the ARFD in 2013 and became the Chief and Board President in 2017. Rick has many certifications including vehicle extrication, grain bin rescue and trench rescue to name a few. He implemented the EMR program in March of 2016 and remains an active EMR. Rick is a veteran having served time in the Air Force and the Army National Guard.

Drake Collison

 Assistant Chief and Medical Officer Drake is originally from Colorado and he’s always wanted to help others. He joined the U.S. Air Force to become a Pararescue Man. He moved to North Dakota and wanted to be more active in his community so in 2015 he joined the ARFD.  Because of his trauma med experience the Chief appointed him to the position of Medical Officer. Drake is FF1 trained, EMR, extrication  certified and currently holds a board member position.

Jim Larson

Captain Jim is originally from Arnegard, North Dakota. He joined the ARFD in 1986 and rose to the rank of Assistant Chief. He holds certification in FF1, FF2 and numerous others. Jim is also an active board member. He’s been serving this district since 1986. 

  Leif Olson

Lieutenant Leif (Cowboy) started fighting fire with the Keene Fire Department back in 2007. He moved to Warden, Montana in 2014 and served with the Warden Fire Department until he moved back to North Dakota in 2017. He joined the ARFD the same year and has been an active member ever since.

Lynn Hovde

Lynn is originally from North Dakota. He started with the ARFD in 1972 and has been the Secretary / Treasurer ever since. 

John Fulwider

John is one of the ARFD board members and firefighters is originally from Minnesota. He started fighting fire back in 1976 with the Spring Lake Fire Department. After that he served with the Town City Fire Department. John moved to McKenzie County and joined the ARFD in 1991. He’s been serving this district since. 

Harold Larson

Harold is originally from Wibaux, Montana. He started his fire fighting career in 1977. He joined the ARFD in 1983 and made his way to the Chief position. In 2017 Harold stepped down as chief and was became the departments Captain. He held this position for one year. Harold is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

Michelle Schreiber

Michelle began working in the medical field shortly after moving to Buffalo, Wyoming. She got her CNA license in 2010 and started working with special needs children. Michelle moved to McKenzie County in the fall of 2013. She joined the ARFD in 2016 as an EMR and she’s still an active member of the fire department. 

Jamie Lane

Jamie found interest in the medical field while living in
Santa Fe Springs, California. She started EMT training but shifted her focus to Veterinary Medicine. Jamie spent 29 years as an exotic pet technician. She continues to work with animals here in Arnegard ND. Jamie has been an ARFD EMR since 2016 and continues to respond to medical emergencies here in the district.

Joshua Moody

Josh was raised in Satellite Beach, Florida and he’s always had a passion for the fire service. His family is from North Dakota and has always loved this part of the state. He moved to Arnegard as an adult and joined the ARFD in 2013. Josh is certified in FF1, FF2 and vehicle extrication. Josh is alos an active EMR.  

Randy Shoemaker

Randy is originally from Alaska. He moved to McKenzie County in 2012 and joined the ARFD in 2015. Randy is FF1 certified and is an active EMR. Randy is a combat veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Wes Kindel

Wes is originally from North Dakota and he’s been serving the ARFD since 2013. Wes is certified in FF1, FF2 and vehicle extrication. 

Bryan Bjornstad

Bryan is originally from California. He joined the ARFD back in 2005. He continues to be an active member of the ARFD taking care of call reporting through NFERS. Bryan is also the department Engineer while on scene taking care of the operations of the fire engines.  

Nathan Hovde

Nathan has lived in North Dakota all of his life. He has been an active firefighter since 2015.

Cam Trembath

Cam started fighting wildland and grass fires right out of high school where he lived in Minnesota. He moved to Fort Francis, Ontario, Canada and joined the Fort Francis Fire Department. After that he moved to Glen Rock, Wyoming where he was an active firefighter with the Glen Rock Fire Department. Cam moved to Arnegard with his Wife and Son. In 2016 he joined the ARFD and has been an active member ever since.

Jason Meadows

Jason is originally from Idaho. He started his firefighting career in 2007 with the South Boundary Fire Department in Naples, Idaho. Jason moved to North Dakota in 2011 and joined the ARFD in 2017. He trained in FF1 and is extrication certified.

Bobby Durham

Bobby came to the ARFD by way of Mountain Home, Idaho. He is an active firefighter and has been since 2013.

Chris Childers

Originally from South Dakota, Chris got his start with the Fort Pierre Fire Department in 2012. He joined the ARFD in 2017 and quickly obtained his EMR certification. He is an active medical responder and firefighter.

Jim Slow

Jim is an active (reserve) member of the ARFD. He started fighting fires in Wisconsin then two years later did some traveling. He settled down in North Dakota and joined us in 2011 and has been serving our community since.  

Travis Bateman

Travis is originally from Colorado. He’s been in public safety (Law Enforcement) since 2009. Travis lives in McKenzie County and has since 2012. He joined the ARFD in 2017 to continue making a difference in his community. Travis is a 2 time Iraq combat veteran serving as a Military Policeman in the U.S. Army.

Matt Jensen

Matt is originally from North Dakota. He joined the ARFD in 2017 and continues to be an active member.

Maurine Davenport

Originally form Colorado, Maurine joined the ARFD in May of 2017. She helps with administrative support for the Volunteer side of the department. Maurine also helps with fundraising efforts.

Jeff Collison

Originally form Colorado, Jeff started fighting fires with Cherryvale Fire Department for two years. He moved to North Dakota in 2015 and joined the ARFD a few short years later in 2018. 

Jacob Gould

Jacob moved to North Dakota from Spokane Wa. He works a full time job and volunteers with the ARFD during his time off. He joined the department in 2017.


You be a Firefighter or EMR!

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