2014 Chevy Tahoe

8752 was donated by the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office in 2017. This vehicle is the first unit out the door when responding to medical emergencies in the district and surrounding areas. It carries a large, fully stocked trauma bag that includes O2. It also carries an AED, 2 foldable backboards, a large fire extinguisher and NARCAN. We are typically the first medical personnel on scene and we will stabilize patients until the ambulance arrives.


2015 Ford F-550

8751 is our QRU (Quick Response Unit). We respond to all kinds of calls with this unit including medical calls, grass / prairie fires, motor vehicle accidents and vehicle fires. We carry the HURST tool (Jaws of Life) along with a large, fully stocked trauma bag that includes O2. It also carries 2 SCBA’s. This unit has 400 gallons of water along with foam capabilities. 8751 has everything that we need for initial attack or first due medical care.


​​ 2001 Dodge Ram

9132 is our grass / wildland unit. It carries 400 gallons of water along with a Foam-Pro system. We also have a chain saw and various tools on board. This unit can go on vehicle fires if needed.


2015 Freightliner

7404 is our water tender. It carries 1800 gallons of water along with a 1500 gallon port-a-tank. It does have a long lay on the driver’s side so we can fight fire with it if we need to. It carries an array of tools and fittings.


2005 Ferrara Intruder II

9131 is our first out engine on any call where actual fire is reported. It will respond to structure fires, vehicle fires and motor vehicle accidents. It carries 1000 gallons of water along with a foam system. It has a 1500 GPM pump and 400 horsepower engine. It is filled with tools, SCBA’s and extra gear. 9131 is where the thermal imager is located. The truck carries 6 operators total.


1990 GMC 7000 

9129 is the second due engine on any large scale incident. It is a pumper/tender as it carries 1800 gallons of water. It carries a ton of gear and equipment including hand tools, extra hoses and SCBA’s. This unit was bought brand new in 1990 using fire district funds.